Medical Acupunture

What is medical acupunture?

Medical acupunture is the term used for the approach to acupunture in which the trained therapist will used in on the type of structure and function of the body. Medical acupunture is an accepted method of acupunture that has been gained recognition through extensive research within the medical and sporting world.

Each treatment is tailored to an individual and their response and length of treatment is dependent upon that individual. Medical acupuncture effects the body through five different mechanisms:

Locailsed effect - this is directly where the needle enters the skin

Segmental Analgesia - Works in conjunction with the nerve route patterns (dermatome) and sends singals along the nerves to the area within the pain area

Extrasegmental Analgesia - This aids the brain by stimiulating sensations in the brain to reduce the perception of pain, therefore aiding in degreasing pain

Central Regulatory Effects - It helps calmer to feel more calmer by giving an overall global effect. This effect is limited in the pain control, it does help clients feel calmer

Myofascial Trigger Points - Trigger points are localised areas within the muscle. Pain can also be referred to and from muscles surrounding the area.

Medical acupunture does not claim to treat all ailments and injuries, teh use of acupuncture is very specific to an individual's specific requirements at the time of treatment.

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